Designing experiences with Bloom

Bloom is an advanced customer flow management system that provides the tools to design, manage and improve the service experience. The system integrates a versatile solution of software and hardware to deliver the ultimate usability experience in queue management for both customers and staff.

Deliver valuable experiences

The customer experience is heavily influenced by the waiting time, it affects the overall customer satisfaction level, impacting the service journey, from start to end.

Bloom enables organisations to shape their customer journeys, measure relevant metrics for service efficiency, and co-create value through customer feedback.

Optimises the Customer Flow

Most organisations don’t think strategically about their customer flow. Nonetheless, it is common sense that nobody likes long queues, bureaucratic service schedulings, boring waiting areas and pointless branches transfers. Bloom optimises every stage of the customer flow, from the registration to the after-service feedback, collecting data along the way to constantly improve the service quality.

Interactive and user-friendly

Bloom has a human-centred design, your customers can easily interact with its modules when entering the queue, during the waiting time and after the service delivery.

Convenient and organised

They can choose when and where they want to enter the queue. Bloom also gives them autonomy to spend the waiting time without worries of missing their turn.

Informative and personal

Communicate continuously with your customers through an informative cross-platform system, avoiding uncertainty and showing respect for your customers’ time.

How Bloom upgrades service performance

Customer experience

Refines every service touchpoint improving the overall customer journey’s quality.


Empowers the frontline employees with user-friendly tools and useful information.


Improves the environment aesthetics organising waiting queues.


Based on the latest technologies, it is scalable and flexible, able to evolve together with your organization.


Allows managers to apply a sophisticated measurement model and make data-driven decisions.

Evolving demands, adaptable solution

Besides its high-customization features, Bloom has also an adaptable architecture that can be assembled in many ways to fit your organisation’s configuration.

Easy integration

Can be easily integrated with third-party systems via API-based integration.

Multilingual content

In consonance with the global market, all customer interface allows multilingual configuration.

Modular configuration

Choose from different components and assemble the system the way it better fits your service flow.

Single location system

Meet Bloom Standalone

Multiple locations system

Meet Bloom Enterprise


AMRO introduces the Q-BLOOM queue management system at Riga Airport

Service providers with long, disorganised queues and long waiting times are a daily occurrence that all of us have encountered. This is why today, companies and institutions are increasingly choosing to implement queue and customer flow management systems. Queue control systems are an automated and economical solution for improving the quality of customer service and personnel optimisation. With the help of the Q-BLOOM system, Riga Airport provides a pleasant environment for customer service and statistical data storage.

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