Customer loyalty system

For the evaluation of customer satisfaction, which has been developed to provide companies or public institutions with the customer’s opinion about the services received. A customer satisfaction measurement system helps you understand the actual opinion of your customers and discover the problems that need to be fixed to increase customer satisfaction with your brand, services or products. The customer satisfaction button is straightforward to install because, thanks to the wireless functionality, there is no need to connect to the electricity supply network with a cable.


You can keep a history of customer feedback and track customer satisfaction trends at a specific location or across the entire branch network, powered by a centralised and automated tracking system. You can use the SensMax customer satisfaction evaluation system’s statistical data and the SensMax customer accounting system’s data processing program EasyReport. The customer satisfaction wireless button is straightforward to install on a table or a stand-alone stand without needing special fasteners or wires for connection to the mains. The switch has space for a printed question and has three buttons that represent the level of satisfaction in the form of smiley faces. Each customer can give their opinion about the service received by pressing the corresponding smiley button. The built-in button press tracking system prevents excessive button presses in a short time. Customer feedback statistics are stored in the device’s built-in memory and can be transferred to any network-connected computer or central server for data processing. Customer satisfaction data can be combined with statistics on the number of visitors in unified reports.

The data of the customer satisfaction evaluation system can be viewed in various types of reports for the day, month, quarter and year. It is possible to view the data in charts or tables and export it in PDF, XLS and CSV data formats. The Easy reporting program provides automatic reporting of the customer loyalty index. A customer loyalty score is a measure of overall customer satisfaction. This metric represents customer satisfaction as a ratio of people who are and are not satisfied with your company. A customer loyalty indicator is essential to understand the reasons for customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction and indicate a potential direction for developing your company’s services or products. This indicator shows how much customers will be willing to recommend your company’s services or products to their friends and colleagues. The customer loyalty ratio is calculated with the formula = Satisfied customers (%) – Dissatisfied customers (%)

Satisfied customers are those who evaluate the provided service or product with the highest mark, while dissatisfied customers have rated the company neutrally or negatively. Still, neutral ratings are not included in the calculation of the loyalty coefficient. The higher your customer satisfaction ratio, the more likely your customers will share a favourable opinion of your company with their relatives. Still, if the balance is low or negative, you need to take steps to improve your company’s processes, service quality and employees’ attitude towards customers.

The Loyalty Button is a battery-operated wireless device for measuring customer satisfaction. It has three smiley buttons and a plastic pocket for placing a printed question. Battery life is up to 2 years. The button stores customer feedback in an internal memory large enough to store statistics for 25 days. The data from the button is automatically transmitted to the data collector utilising a radio channel.
Further, customer satisfaction statistics are transferred to a central database over the network or via a 2G Internet connection for processing with EasyReport. You can view customer satisfaction data in graphical reports or tables. Using a customer tracking solution, you can combine customer loyalty tracking data with visitor count data.



You can install reporting software on your servers or use a cloud-based reporting portal.


Wireless connection

Smiley remotes transfer data via Wi-Fi. They are easy to install, which you can also do yourself.


3G transmission capabilities

In places where the Internet is not available, it is possible to use 3G data collectors.


Anti-spam filter

The intelligent digital algorithm filters spam fingerprints for any emotion.



The controls are made of durable ABS plastic.


A great operational resource

The remote controls use standard AA batteries, lasting up to 2 years.



Customer loyalty console with five smiley faces. The console can be attached to a table or floor stand.

Convenient, transparent and functional data processing software.