Temperature controllers

The SensGuard temperature control system allows for in-depth evaluation of Thermo control and thermoregulation issues in heating and refrigeration equipment and other equipment where proper maintenance of set temperatures is required.


The temperature control system is used in shops, supermarkets, food factories, specialised storage facilities, and warehouses. SensGuard wireless sensors can be installed in ovens, warming cabinets, cooling chambers, cold showcases, freezers, ice generators, and food storage rooms. Likewise, the system can also be used in production, museum, server and other premises.

SensGuard temperature control system consists of three components – wireless temperature sensors, a data collector and an online monitoring system. Wireless sensors are installed at control points and send temperature measurements to a data collector, which collects them and sends them to a central database using a local network or the Internet. One data collector can serve 250 sensors within a 100m radius (up to a 500m radius using signal repeaters). The data is automatically sent to the monitoring system and displayed in various reports and graphs. It is possible to set individual permitted temperature modes for each sensor and the algorithm for determining the defrosting method of cold equipment. Temperature measurements are recorded in the system, and users receive notifications about violations. Temperature control system SensGuard can process data both from one store with a few control objects and from an extensive network of stores with thousands of control objects.

Maintaining the optimal temperature regime for refrigerators and freezers allows you to keep food fresh longer. If the temperature exceeds the optimal range, the products can spoil, leading to additional costs and affecting the company’s reputation. Automated temperature control system SensGuard allows real-time temperature control in all cold and heat equipment, as well as in storage rooms, and notification if the temperature has exceeded the permitted norms for a certain period for any reason.


Minimize product loss

Receive a real-time notification when the refrigerator temperature exceeds the allowed range.


Caring for the trademark

Offer your customers the best and freshest products to maintain a high brand image.


Ability to predict damage

Detect refrigerator problems before equipment failure occurs.


Wireless connection

Sensors transfer data via Wi-Fi. They are easy to install, which you can also do yourself.


Adjust the compliance to requirements

Get all the information from your temperature and humidity sensors with easily accessible online reports.


Integrated or replaceable batteries

Sensors are available with built-in lithium or replaceable AA batteries. The most suitable solution is found according to the technical task.

Reduce product spoilage

Receive e-mail notifications in real-time mode if the temperature has exceeded the set norms.

Take care of the brand reputation

It is worth taking care of the brand’s reputation by offering customers only the best and freshest products.

Carry out preventive maintenance of the equipment

Monitor the operation of heating and cooling equipment to identify problems in time without waiting for the complete shutdown of the equipment.

Conserve resources

Temperature control is performed by an automated system and there is no need for manual checks anymore

Comply with regulatory enactments

Temperature control in automatic mode allows you to maintain compliance with regulations constantly.


The temperature control system at the University of Latvia

The SensGuard temperature control system allows you to control the temperature fluctuations of LU deep freezers. The solution is perfect for grocery stores, warehouses, manufacturing or server rooms. The SensGuard temperature control system provides an in-depth evaluation of thermal control and thermoregulation issues in heating and refrigeration equipment and other equipment where proper maintenance of set temperatures is required.

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