1. When submitting the device for repair, the customer certifies with his signature that:

  • The contact information and data about the device and its configuration specified in the service report are recorded accurately;
  • Agree to the terms below.

2. Diagnostics is a free service only if the service has detected a defect and the customer agrees to the proposed repair price. If the customer refuses to repair the offered amount, a minimum diagnostic fee of €15.00 + VAT is applied.

3. An hourly rate of €40.00 + VAT/h is applied to all service services. All other service works, which are not subject to the pricing of the hourly rate, are negotiated with the customer individually.

4. The customer is obliged to remove his device from the service within 30 days from the notification of the fact of repair work (SMS, telephone and e-mail). If the device is not removed within the specified period, the customer pays the service provider a storage fee of €1.00 + VAT for each day of delay. If the customer does not remove the device from the service centre for more than 365 days (1 year), the service provider has the right to dispose of the device by notifying the customer in advance (SMS, telephone and e-mail).

4. Upon receiving the device from the service, the customer is obliged to make sure of the quality of the performed repairs – whether the defects reported in the service report have been eliminated, whether other defects did not occur during the repair, or whether the device is in the same configuration as specified in the service acceptance report.

5. By signing the act of handing over the service, the customer certifies with his signature that the service provider SIA “AMRO BALTIC” has adequately performed the assigned service work on time and with quality; the customer has no complaints about the quality of the work performed and the visual condition of the equipment.