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SensMax DE

SensMax DE outdoor infrared counters use three infrared beams to detect the direction of

SensMax Pro D3

The SensMax Pro D3, wireless people counter, is designed for retail traffic counting in

SensMax Pro D3 SuperLongRange TS

SensMax Pro D3 SuperLongRange TS bidirectional people counter, designed for real-time projects where people

SensMax Pro D3 LongRange

A bidirectional counting algorithm determines the direction of visitors’ inward or outward movement. The

SensMax Pro D3 LongRange TS

SensMax Pro D3 LongRange TS bidirectional people counter for projects where people must be

SensMax Pro D3 SuperLongRange

The SensMax Pro D3 Super Long Range Wireless People Counter has a powerful radio

SensMax TAC-B

The people counting sensor using mmWave radar technology is designed for both indoor and outdoor people counting applications.

SensMax Pro S1

SensMax Pro S1 people counter for counting people in retail stores. The people counting

SensMax Pro S1 LongRange

SensMax Pro S1 LongRange wireless people counter sensor for people counting in large retail

SensMax Pro S1 SuperLongRange

The sensor has a powerful radio module with an advanced connectivity range of up

SensMax SE

SensMax SE counting sensor to track the number of visitors anywhere without electricity or