Label production

Standard sizes of thermo eco, thermo top and vellum type labels, which are independently maintained in the warehouse.


The most popular sticker materials:

  • Thermo Eco labels
  • Thermo Top labels
  • Semigloss labels
  • Vellum labels
  • Polypropylene labels (PP)
  • Transparent polypropylene (PP) labels

Thermal labels are the most demanded and economical type of labels. A thermal label is a paper with a thermosensitive coating, which becomes dark under the influence of high temperature and allows printing without colouring tape (Ribbon). Thermal labels are ideal for labelling standard goods in stores, for use in label scales, for the batch industry, logistics, etc. Thermal labels are not recommended to be applied to deep-freezing products, under the influence of moisture or in other aggressive environmental conditions. Various standard sizes available, independently stocked on-site – different sizes on request.

Thermo Top labels are treated with a protective layer, with good resistance to external environmental factors. Termo Top protects labels from pollution, moisture and mechanical damage. Thermo Top labels allow storage in humid conditions, low temperatures, and freezing. Various standard sizes are available, which are kept in stock on-site. We also manufacture custom stickers.

Glossy paper where good contrast and high resolution are required. A good solution for printing with thermal transfer printers in places where durable printing is required. Various adhesive compositions and personalisation are available.

Vellum labels are made of matte self-adhesive paper, insensitive to UV rays and the mechanical effects of the surrounding environment. Vellum labels are printed with thermal printers using thermal ribbons, ensuring high text quality and durability. Vellum labels maintain good quality in heat exchange and direct contact with dry and fatty products.

A synthetic label made of polypropylene, on which printing is done with the help of a colouring tape (ribbon)—an excellent solution in places affected by moisture. No fading, resistance to temperature changes, or exposure to the external environment. Various adhesive compositions and personalisation are available.

Universal, transparent self-adhesive film for printing with thermal transfer label printers. They were designed for glueing products where resistance to moisture, oils, and chemicals is required, for example, cosmetics, household chemicals, etc.


The most suitable solution

We find the most suitable raw material solution for our customers based on users’ needs and the printers’ specifics.



We can deliver orders of available products the same or the next day after placing the order.


Competitive prices

We offer competitive prices. The prices are recalculated based on the quantity and regularity of the order.


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