Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) & Autonomous mobile robots (AMR)

Automated Guided Vehicle / AGV robot

An automated guided vehicle, or AGV, is an autonomous robot that moves along a planned path using various technologies. Generally used to transport goods, raw materials, pallets, or any other item for industrial or logistic applications, it is dedicated to automating and optimising the various flows. It interacts and collaborates with workers to lighten repetitive tasks representing no concrete added value.

There are several types of AGV & AMR depending on the tasks to be carried out: AGV shooter, crawling AGV, AGV train, and AGV carrier. The technology used by Iscitec International is simple, efficient, robust, and easily scalable to the company changes. The BTA is a substitute for forklift drivers or, in some cases, for conveyors.

Controlled by WCS Isipick®, the Automated guided vehicle solution – provided by Isitec International – will allow you to connect your AGV/AMR to your WMS / ERP system and all your other support tools for production or order picking.

AGV Shooter

Simple and effective technology of “Karakuri.”

The AGV shooter will automatically load and unload the containers (boxes, carton cases and pallets) using gravity. This solution, the said “Karakuri” in Japanese, presents the advantage of being 100% mechanical, reducing automation costs.

Crawling AGV

Ideal for use in confined areas.

Widely used in the automotive industry and now by the big market places, the crawling AGVwill pass under the cart or the roller furniture to be carried, then will hook it by a system of “pin hook” in order to convey it. The objective of the crawling AGV is to optimise its length with its cart and thus to be able to pass into more confined spaces.

AGV Train

Optimise the movements of your AGV

Very common in the industry, the AGV train, as its name suggests, will serve as a locomotive to take charge of the wagons (one or more) from one station to another. Equipped with an LED pointer, the AGV train makes it possible to carry out dynamic Pick and Put to light. A true revolution.

AGV Carrier

The AGV of the factory of the future

The AGV carrier will replace the “old world” conveyor systems. In Industry 4.0, the AGV carrier will simplify the installations and make them more scalable.

No more fixed installation by rigid infrastructures, bring the LEAN management to your inventory with the AGV carrier.

What is an AGV / AMR?

An AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicles) or AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) is an autonomous vehicle that moves autonomously along a planned path using various technologies such as magnetic line, track, laser or GPS.

It is generally used to transport goods, raw materials, pallets or other items. Initially used in an industrial environment, it is also increasingly used in warehouses, for example to transport products from one workplace to another.

This  autonomous driverless cart can move along a planned path, orienting itself in space thanks to various technologies, such as:

  • Magnetic tape
  • color track
  • rails
  • laser
  • camera
  • GPS

The self-guided trolley is battery operated and is equipped with a safety system, as well as various additional mechanisms, such as a mechanism for charging and unchanging loads. Its main task is the handling of objects (goods, pallets, boxes, etc.) and is also used to lift and stack loads.

What is AGV / AMR used for ?

In fact, by using AGV systems, you will improve handling efficiency and thus increase productivity. Among the advantages of AGV systems, it should be noted:

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24-hour operationSince an AGV does not need drivers to operate, it can work every day and even at night.
You need to plan the battery recharging time between two operations.
The use of AGV systems guarantees the Safety of loads and your staffWe know that AGVs are programmed to follow precise routes, which is why their movements are always monitored to control real-time movements and deliveries better.
Thanks to the safety devices fitted to the AGVs, collisions with the various operators are prevented along the way.
With an accuracy of around 10mm, AGVs can position a load precisely. This allows them to eliminate any damage that usually occurs with manual movement.
Equipped with detection and safety sensors, the AGV stops before an obstacle to avoid collisions.
Improvement of the working conditions of operators and reduction of diseases to the musculoskeletal system (BMD)Thanks to AGVs, operators can more easily manage complex and repetitive handling tasks for heavier loads.
AGVs allow the creation of more complex tasks by operators.
Lower production costsReduced labour costs, efficient, safe and economical transport of your goods.
All this allows you to increase the recovery rate quickly.
AGVs can operate in areas inaccessible to people due to extreme temperatures or hazardous materials

The 3 main types of AGV

Loading trolleys

  • These are vehicles capable of transporting one type of article (roller, motor), pallet or container with articles.


  • They are used to move pallets.
  • Many models have sensors on the forks (eg infrared sensors).

Automatic towing vehicles

  • These are motorized vehicles capable of dragging with them one or more non-motorized cargo vehicles.
  • Their load capacity can reach 8 tonnes.
  • They are also equipped with platforms that can be raised, lowered, motorized rollers, belts, etc. to ensure the automatic transfer of goods.

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