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Newland HR12 Anchoa


The Newland HR12 Anchoa handheld scanner is a practical and user-friendly budget scanner at an extremely competitive price. The Anchoa incorporates Newland’s 1D chip technology, which delivers outstanding 1D barcode scanning performance with ultra-low power consumption.

Ergonomic design.
The relatively small HR12 Anchoa, with its low weight and robust design, ensures a reliable and easy-to-use scanner.

Excellent decoding performance.
It provides fast and accurate (with built-in laser sight) scanning performance and supports most 1D barcode symbologies.

Environmentally friendly.
The HR12 Anchoa operates on 55mA ± 5mA current only. This means more energy savings and an environmentally friendly business solution.

Application scenarios.
The perfect scanner for retail stock counting, express delivery services, warehouse management, food traceability, healthcare, manufacturing, electricity meter reading and much more.

Technical features

Processor: 0110 Chip
Scanning method: 1D
Size (Scanner): 163 × 68.4 × 58.5 mm
Scanning speed: 300 scans/sec.
Weight: 130g
Interfaces: USB
Notifications: Sound, LED indicator
Power outlet: 55±5mA
Storing temperature: -20℃ to 60℃
Operating temperature: -40℃ to 85℃
Dust and humidity protection: IP41
Communication distance: 50-655 mm