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Magicard Pronto100


The smallest, fastest, best-quality ID card printer in its class!

The Pronto 100 is a revolutionary device optimised with Clix remote use that delivers on Magicard’s environmentally friendly promises.

Small size

Small but mighty, the Pronto100 proves that the best things come in small packages. With its small footprint and lightweight, the Pronto100 will fit into large or small offices while also being ideal for those who work from home.


Quick to set up, dynamic and fast for best results. The Pronto100 offers the fastest print speeds in Magicard’s smallest printer class.

  • HD photo quality – 23 seconds per card
  • Standard colour – 18 seconds per card
  • Monochrome – 4.7 seconds per card


The Pronto100 is powerful, delivering HD photo-quality printing right out of the box. Delivering photorealistic colour reproduction and with the highest quality Guaranteed edge-to-edge printing, you’ll only get card quality like this from Magicard.

Technical features

Size:309×180×208 mm
Weight:2.9 kg
Interfaces:Ethernet, USB 2.0 un USB 3.0
Print speed:Photo quality – 23 seconds per card
Colour – 18 seconds per card
Monochrome – 4.7 seconds per card
Card protection:HoloKote®
Allowed number of Cards in the printer:50 cards
Warranty:3 years
Card types:CR80/CR79 PVC ISO blank cards, rewritable and HoloPatch® cards


Security: the Magicard Pronto100 is equipped with Digital shredding%E2%84%A2, which means that once the data is used for printing, it will be shredded and permanently destroyed. This unique feature was developed in response to the security requirements of personal data worldwide, such as the European Union’s GDPR requirements.

Security tested: HoloKote™ watermarks can be printed on card surfaces. The Magicard Pronto100 printer comes with 3 standard designs, allowing you to add up to 3 individual graphics, such as a company logo or other unique security image.

High quality: The Magicard Pronto100 offers a wide colour gamut and can print at a resolution of 300 x 300 dpi, which is perfect for ID card photos, company and organisation logos and other high-quality images.

Fast: colour, a single-sided ID card with a HoloKote™ watermark takes just 23 seconds, while the simplest version takes 4.7 seconds.