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50mm x 300m / Resin / Black


Carbon ribbons, more commonly known as “ribbons”, are used for printing labels and other materials where higher print stability is required or for materials that do not have a thermal coating. Carbon ribbons are available in different sizes, colours and compositions.

We offer carbon ribbons suitable for all manufacturers of label printers available on the market: ZEBRA, GODEX, TSC, CITIZEN, DATAMAX, EPSON, INTERMEC, SATO, TOSHIBA, CARL VALENTIN, etc.

Carbon ribbons are divided into 3 types:

  • WAX – For matt paper
  • WAX / RESIN – For matt and glossy paper, film
  • RESIN – For film with higher stability

The width of the carbon tape can vary from 40 mm to 220 mm, while the length can vary from 74 m to 600 m and more. Depending on the label printer, the ribbons can be wound with the colouring layer both inwards (“IN”) and outwards (“OUT”). The core diameter of the reel is 12,7 mm or 25,4 mm.

The most convenient and reliable way to find the right carbon tape for you is by contacting our sales representatives. They are selected based on the material to be printed, the application and the technical features of the label printer.

The most popular carbon ribbons types and sizes are permanently available on-site/in stock, while more specific types are available within 2 to 6 days.

Technical features

Ribbon width: 68 mm
Ribbon length: 300 m
Colour: Black
Shell diameter: 25 mm
Shell width: 68 mm
Winding: OUT
Grooves on the shell: No

Technical characteristics

The RESIN coating of the ribbon is located on the outside, denoted by “OUT”. RESIN carbon ribbons are used in thermal printers to print polypropylene material. RESIN material is durable and does not wash off.

The carbon ribbon shell is not notched at the ends.