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Sam4s GIANT-100


POS Printers – New Trend!

New technologies for compact and original design!

  • 30% smaller than a standard receipt printer
  • Faster print speed 250 mm/sec
  • Multiple interfaces: USB + serial + Ethernet (3 combined)
  • Robust ceramic automatic cutter
  • Designed to be hassle-free
  • Stylish printer available in a range of colours

Physical characteristics

Size: 131 (W) x 155 (L) x 133 (H) mm
Weight: 0.9 kg
Body: Plastic
Body colour: Black, White
Power input: 24 VDC, 2.5A
Operating temperature: 00C – 400C
Relative humidity: 80% max

Technical characteristics

Printer: Thermal
Print speed: 250 mm/s
Print width: 72 mm
Resolution: 180 dpi
Paper sizes: 80 mm
Tape end sensors: +
Indicators: Tape end, sound
Interface: USB, Ethernet, serial
Data transmission speed: 64 kbps
Printer head life cycle: 100 million pulses or more than 150km
Cutting mechanism: full
Cutting cycle time: 0.5s max