Medical scales

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KERN – MBB 15K2DM Baby scales

KERN – MBB 15k2DM baby scales are the ideal solution for hospitals, maternity homes,

KERN – MBC 15K2DM Baby scales

KERN – MBC 15k2DM baby scales are an ideal solution for hospitals, maternity homes,

KERN – MPC 250K100M Medical scales

KERN – MPC 250K100M medical scales are suitable for various institutions, from polyclinics to

KERN – MPE 250K100PM Medical scales

KERN – MPE 250K100PM is a functional scale equipped with comprehensive options. The maximum

KERN – MPS 200K100M Medical scales

KERN – MPS 200K100M medical scales are the perfect solution when you need scales

KERN – MPS 200K100PM Medical scales

KERN – MPS 200K100PM medical scales with a stand are the ideal solution when

RADWAG WPT/D Baby scales

RADWAG WPT/D verified baby scales are an excellent solution for babies-related industries (maternity, hospitals

RADWAG WPT/O Medical scales

RADWAG WPT/O verified scales are suitable for weighing people in health facilities and clinics.

RADWAG WPT/OW Medical scale with height gauge

RADWAG WPT/OW is a medical scale with height measurement suitable for hospitals, polyclinics and

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