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Pro Glove LEO is intuitive; new employees will understand it in less than 2 minutes. An intuitive, thumb-operated switch and a clear feedback system support your workflow. LEO delivers the efficiency of a handheld scanner and best-in-class ergonomics for your fast-paced warehouse environment.

The device guarantees the highest performance, allowing you to scan at distances from 10 to 70 cm.
It weighs just 35 grams, making it lighter than any other handheld scanner and perfect for hands-free use.

LEO saves 4 seconds per scan and helps avoid errors by using optical, tactile and acoustic with LED illumination to draw the user’s attention. After 2 minutes of set-up with the full Plug & Play integration kit, it is ready for multiple shifts and has a charge time of just 1 hour.

Weighing just 35g, it is lighter than any other existing scanner and has a battery life of up to 4000 scans.


  • Optical, acoustic and haptic feedback
  • Battery life up to 4000 scans
  • More efficient than a handheld barcode scanner
  • Start immediately; plug and play
  • Scans from 10 – 70 cm
  • Lightweight, 35 grams