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GloveScanner SHF 1002


The SHF 1002 PDA is an industrial-type handheld barcode scanner. It has several functions for different industrial environments to make your work more efficient.

This intelligent barcode scanner is special for its ergonomics and speed in industrial environments, logistics, automotive, manufacturing and supermarket sorting. The robust SHF 1002 PDA scanner improves production processes by reducing operational errors.

Technical characteristics

Sensor type:640 (Horizontally) x 400 (Vertically) px
Scanner light:610nm LED 660nm red LED
Scanning angle:60°, 60°, 360° (tilt, pitch, roll)
Scanner field of vision:Horizontally (42°), vertically (28°)
Barcode types:1D & 2D
OS:Android 5.1
Connections:WIFI, 4G, Bluetooth
Interfaces:Magnet PogoPin upload & data download
Display:2.2 inch IPS