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Lablemate MC-10 Lable Winder


The MC-10 handles labels up to 125 mm wide and can rewind rolls with labels up to 220 mm in diameter. The new built-in potentiometer allows control of rewind speed/torque. No awkward, cumbersome belts or clutches are used and no speed adjustment is required.

The Mini-Cat has an internal label flap that ensures the edge of the label roll is aligned during rewinding.

Available configurations

  • MC-10-1-INCH
  • MC-10+/1-INCH
  • MC-10+

Technical characteristics


Roll Size76 mm
Max Outside roll diameter300 mm
Max width of label125 mm
Speed500 mm/s
Power220 V 50W
Size220 x 305 x 195 mm
Weight8 kg