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Label feeder LD-100-RS


The LD-100-RS uses a label dispenser with the latest optoelectronic technology. Set-up is very simple. In less than 30 seconds, there is just one simple label length adjustment.

A special reflective sensor is located under the label and reliably detects the leading edge of the label. The next one is automatically and instantly enhanced when the operator picks up the label.

The label divider has 38 mm core holders that accept all cores from 40 to 76 mm.
The outer diameter of the roll is 220 mm (265 mm with option AWB and 300 with option LD-DE).

Available configurations

  • LD-100-RS-SS
  • LD-100-U
  • LD-100-U-SS

Technical characteristics

  • Handles labels up to 115mm wide
  • Roll diameter – 220mm
  • Label length from 6 to 150mm
  • Min. Speed – 11cm/sec.