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Mindeo MD5250

The MINDEO MD5250 industrial barcode scanner is ideal for aggressive environmental conditions in the


The HR52 Bonito includes a megapixel barcode scanner that easily reads both 1D and

Newland HR4280 BT Halibut

Strong wireless connectivity. The HR4280 BT Halibut is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, allowing you

Datalogic PD7100

The Datalogic ADC PowerScan 7100/7000 series handheld scanners are rugged and designed for heavy-duty

Honeywell Granit 1911i

The Granit™ 1911i wireless scanner is designed to work in the harsh conditions of

Zebra DS3678

Virtually indestructible 2D DS3678 wireless scanners are ready for the world’s harshest environments –

Symbol DS3578

The DS3578 series of rugged, wireless, omnidirectional 1D/2D image scanners provide versatile, high-performance data