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GoDEX Cutter Stacker


GoDEX Cutter Stacker is a powerful tool for improving label production, especially textiles. Once the labels have been printed and cut, the stacker stacks them for easy and tidy collection. The integrated cutter has an adjustable cutting line and a life cycle of more than 1 million cuts with materials up to 300g/m. It can handle materials ranging from satin care labels to thick cardboard hang tags.

Technical characteristics

Label width:Min. 20mm – max. 100mm
Label length:Min. 20mm – max. 150mm
Label thickness:0,045mm – 0,85mm (50μ-800μ)
Speed:Up to 120 labels/min.
Suitable materials:Satin, nylon, patch labels, paper, cardboard, hang tags, PP, PVC, PE
Weight:16 kg without printer / 30kg with printer