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GoDEX AG4000T Label applicator


The AG4000T product line is on par with our industrial ZX1000i printers with premium pneumatic tamp applicators to label products and packages with unique, real-time data.

The AG4000 is affordable and very easy to install, operate and maintain. It will print and apply labels from 10x20mm to 100x200mm products on conveyors, robotic systems, or fully automatic or semi-automatic manual workflows. Available piston lengths are 400 mm and 600 mm. Options such as inflatable, retractable and hinged printheads are available to tailor the AG4000T to the user.

Technical characteristics

Label sizes:min 20mm x 10mm, max 110 x 200mm
Label length:30mm – 150mm
Weight:16 kg without printer / 30kg with printer
Size:496 mm x 766.5 mm x 270 mm