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Afinia DLF-220S


The DLF-220S (maximum width 220 mm) is our full-size label finisher for table-top use. The ultra-precise cutting capabilities make it easy to produce beautiful labels with full printing without costly die-cutting. A digital cut file guides the DLF plotter as it converts uncut, continuously printed media into fully finished labels.

Available configurations

  • DLF-140S (maximum width 140 mm)

Technical characteristics

Label width Min. 110mm – max. 225mm
Label length Min. 10mm – max. 300mm
Label thickness 0.25mm
Speed 600 mm/s
Suitable materials Paper
Capacity 100-240 VAC, 240 watts
Weight 200KG
Size 130 x 65 x 90cm
Interface USB 2.0