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CHD 3050 UH


CHD 3050 UH cash register is designed for small to medium-sized retail outlets. Thanks to its small dimensions, it does not take up much space on the work surface. The cash register CHD 3050 UH offers a wide range of functions – the cash register has a graphic LCD screen, the ability to establish connections with a computer, a simple check tape exchange system and an optional UV lamp for determining the authenticity of banknotes. Electronic control panel- convenient and simple to use.

Hybrid cash registers are compatible with most of the business management programs used in Latvia. We inform you that these mixed cash registers can be used only to send and read sales data from the product and customer database, not to send a check from the accounting program. The relevant software must be certified to use the hybrid cash register as a fiscal printer (Sending checks from the accounting program).

Additional accessories

  • Money chest CHD SB
  • Barcode scanner
  • Money chest

Technical characteristics

CHD 3050 UH hybrid cash register technical specification –

EKA parameters
Number of PLUs 5000
Number of PLU groups 100
Number of chapters 8
Number of taxes 9
Number of payment methods 3
Number of currencies 3
Cashiers, users 20
Check head 7 lines
Graphic Logo Yes
Reports Financial, Departmental, PLU, Cashier, Customer, Hours, Cash register
Electronic Journal Yes
Journal entries 50 mil. lines with a 2GB SD-card
Physical parameters
Sizes 220 (W) x 280 (L) x 118 (H)
Weight 1,6 kg
Body colour dark grey
Operating temperature from 0ºC to +45ºC
Relative humidity 10% – 90%
Keyboard standard
Number of keys 34
Client display LED, 1×10 number
Cashier’s display graphic, 128×64 dot LCM, illuminated, green
Communication ports 2 x RS232, 2 SD-card slots
UV light is (additionally)
Printer thermal
Printer life cycle 50 km
Print speed 60 mm/s
Column count 20 symbols x 2
Check tape roll diameter 50 mm
Ribbon width 38 mm x 2
Ribbon exchange easy-load
Additional options
Ethernet connection 84.00 eur with VAT
Cash chest CHD SB3 (Optional)
Barcode scanner SYMBOL LS 2208 or CITI
Battery (Opcija)




Price includes

  • Basic training
  • Cash register
  • Preparation of SRS documents
  • Employee certificates (2 pcs.)
  • Cash register tapes (10 pcs.)


  • Fiscal memory CHD-FA €60.50 With VAT
  • Service contract for one year €42.00 With VAT
  • Money chest €35.00 With VAT
  • Ethernet network connection (additional option) 84.00 € With VAT