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CCE 66 UV Detector


Compact and easy to use UV LED light detector. Universally applicable for different currencies, documents and ID cards. Please note that the UV marking of banknotes does not provide reliable protection against counterfeit currency. Take a look at our range of CCE 10/20/30 series currency check detectors for reliable counterfeit detection. In addition to the LED UV light, the CCE 66 can also switch to white light. The LED white light allows you to visualise watermarks, transparent windows and imprints on the silver strip. In addition, the CCE 66 has a magnetic reading head which, when applied to the correct places on the banknote, gives a confirmation signal, recognising the MT and MG zones.

Technical features

TypeUV light + LED White light + MT/MG reading
applicable to various currencies, documents and ID cards
Operating temperaturefrom 0°C to +450°C
Power supply230V, 50Hz, 10 W
Sizes268 x 144 x 147 mm
ManufacturerCash Concepts Europe (Germany)