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NC-560 banknote counter


NC 560 provides counting of EUR currency banknotes in mixed-MIX mode and sorted banknotes of other countries’ currencies in free mode. It has four cash checking sensors: UV, MG, MT, 2D and an easy-to-view LCD. Ideal for counting medium-sized banknotes.

Technical features

Type:MIX – counter of mixed denomination banknotes
Currency types:
  • In MIX mode: EUR, SEC
  • sorted denominations: EUR, SEK, USD
Testing methods:UV, MG, MT, 2D
CounMaxg speed:max. 1,000 banknotes / min.
Hopper capacity:Up to 100 old-type EUR banknotes / up to 200 new-type banknotes
Pocket capacity:Up to 200 banknotēm
Counting functions:
  • SORT (banknote sorting)
  • ADD
  • BAT (division of parties)
  • AUTO (automatic start)
Display type:LCD with backlight
Set includes:RS-232 port for additional customer display and printout printer

Physical characteristics

Size:325 (W) x 244 (L) x 154 (H) mm
Net weight:4.29 kg
Power consumption:~ 50 W
Power supply:230V, 50 Hz
Operating temperature:0 °C to +40 °C
Storing temperature:-15 °C to +50 °C
Manufacturers:OLYMPIA (Germany)

Additional accessories

  • Client display

Price includes

Free delivery within Riga and training for working with the device!