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CCE 2040 NG Banknote Counter


Universal piece counter

The CCE 2040 offers itself as an entry model for counting banknotes. The counterfeit detection can be activated and deactivated separately and thus enables the counting of almost all world currencies. The banknotes have to be sorted by denomination, banknotes with dimensions outside the tolerance cause the counting process to stop. Using PSCV (Pre-Selected Value Counting) technology, the machine can also display pre-programmed currencies in value.

Colour LED display

By lighting up the entire display when a banknote suspected of being counterfeit or deviating in value is detected, the CCE 2040 NG clearly indicates that user intervention is necessary. Other functions such as ADD and batch couting ensure that work is adapted to the user’s needs.

Technical features

Typecounter for sorted banknotes (only banknotes of one denomination at a time)
Types of currenciesall with UV + MG/MT + IR + DD safety features
Test methodsUV + MG/MT + IR + DD
Counting speedmax. 1,000 banknotes / min.
Hopper capacityup to 100 banknotes
Pocket capacityup to 200 banknotes
Counting functions
  • ADD
  • BAT
  • STOP
Display typeLCD display with blue and red illumination
The package includesLED additional customer display

Physical characteristics

Dimensions (L x W x H)292 x 246 x 148 mm
Net weight5.7 kg
Power consumption~ 72 W
Feeding230V, 50 Hz
Operating temperature0 °C to +40 °C
Storage temperature-15 °C to +50 °C
ManufacturerCash Concepts Europe (Germany)



Price includes

Free delivery within Riga and training for working with the device!