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Cash deposit system


A self-service system for cash deposits that will help you optimize administrative costs in the cash processing process while making it safer, more convenient and more accessible for your company’s employees. It is open for transactions 24 hours a day, allowing you to make self-service deposits without standing in long queues. By replacing cash centres with self-service cash deposit systems, the transfer of daily and changeable cash receipts will become more accessible to drivers.

Technical features

Use – understandable and straightforward!

  • The control of the device is ensured by a touch-sensitive TFT display
  • Automatic startup and coin level control
  • Stop function for filling the coin container
  • Possibility of permanent access to the electronic registration log
  • Easy replacement of coin bags thanks to the sliding element system
  • Possibility of automatic counting by removing the coin containers or opening the door of the machine
  • Counting speed up to 900 coins/minute
  • A separate expense calculation function

Particular functions, additional equipment

  • Separate compartment for coin containers and service access
  • Option to place 1/2/4/6 coin bins
  • Ability to process data online
  • Programmable access control
  • Foreign object blocker: returns foreign objects, folded coins, etc
  • A compressor-based sensor cleaning system minimizes dust accumulation

Technical characteristics

MULTI CASH MSS OptiCoin 10 –

Basic equipment:Certified, dual coin sensor adapted to currencies
2 mm metal plate body, front door with 3-point locking system
Sliding element system with coin bag holder
Dirt separation function
Illuminated 4-line display
Thermal printer with graphics capabilities
Accessories:Programmable access control for 24h use
The blocker of foreign objects guarantees maximum reliable operation of the device
Automatic coin bag changer for two coin bags with Stop function
CCD-based coin diameter sensor (resolution 256 pixels)
Touch-sensitive TFT display + PC with MS Windows XP Professional operating system
Motorized card reader
DTA Recharge Online (Various Industry Solutions)
External keyboard
The compressor-based sensor cleaning system
Separation of counterfeit coins in a separate bin
Escrow – Coin return feature
CIT Box: Coin trolley with safety latch (for about 120 kg of coins)
Lockable coin bag
Choice of colour (standard colour: RAL 7035 / RAL 7021)
OptiCoin 10 sizes:Width: 485mm
Depth: 580
Height: 1000mm
Weight: 115 kg
Note module sizes:Width: 200mm
Depth: 425
Height: 1030mm
Weight: 50 kg