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Integrating new technologies into existing or contemporary interiors can be significant for almost any retailer. SpacePole provides a unique solution to this problem – equipment is placed on an individual, modular system of bases and stands. This improves the ergonomic functions of the checkout system, makes the equipment safe to use and saves a lot of counter space.

Technical features

Efficient parking

  • Electronic POS equipment can be placed above the counter. This provides more space for transactions and customer service.

Improved ergonomics

  • The positioning of the equipment can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit the needs of individual staff members. By improving the ergonomics of the till system, the cashier’s work is more productive, and the work carried out is more accurate.

Safer technology

  • The equipment can be easily attached to the base and protected from accidental damage or unauthorised removal. The equipment cables are fixed to the system and protected against damage and dirt build-up. The cables can also be placed in a rack where they are successfully hidden and not visible.