AGV Leano®

AGV guided by QR code

Building on its experience with magnetic strip-guided AGVs, Isitec International is launching a new range of AGVs to meet the growing demand for moving small loads in constrained spaces and in a limited time.

Rather than SLAM, which is more complicated to set up and maintain, the QR code-guided AGV is easier to program and more robust to use.

Designed to work alone or in flotillas, these will replace your conveyors or carts. Thanks to their speed of movement, up to 1,5 m / s, they will increase your productivity.

A wide range adapted to your needs

Isitec has two ranges of AGV guided by QR code:

AGV Leano: Developed by isitec, these AGVs can optimise your parcel sorting process

Zippy: In partnership with Addverb technologies, Isitec also provides the AGV zippy with different options


Postal sorting

These mobile robots can locate themselves indoors and orient themselves according to the parcel they are carrying and the position of other robots present; this is possible thanks to the artificial intelligence embedded in each robot. They work in groups that can be compared to a swarm of bees.

They move at 1.5 meters per second and can carry up to 35 kg.

Workstation supply

These robots save time for the operators and also reduce drudgery while eliminating the risk of error linked to human action.

AGV Leano


Charger → The LEANO is delivered with a manual charger, but it can be equipped with an automatic charging system by a cable or with induction.

Hook → To pick up and deliver carts from point A to point B, the LEANO can be equipped with an automatic hooking/unhooking system.

Roller table → To facilitate loading and unloading, the LEANO can be equipped with a roller table.

Automation → Thanks to its 18 inputs/outputs, the LEANO robot can be equipped with specific tools to meet all your needs.

Technical characteristics

⇒  Up to 1.5 m / s
⇒  Up to 35 Kg carried or 70 Kg towed
⇒  Multicolor LED for visibility & interaction
⇒  Interconnection with your IT system (ERP, WMS…)
⇒  Loudspeaker (security & interaction)
⇒  Lidar and ultrasonic security:
⇒  Simple programming
⇒  Fleet management
⇒  Multidirectional
⇒  QR code guidance
⇒  Accuracy 0.5 cm

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