Outdoor Parcel Locker

What Is Outdoor Parcel Locker?

Online trading is evolving, and that’s a fact. In response to the growing demand for products of any nature online, we also offer a variety of parcel terminals – indoor, outdoor, refrigeration and more. In this case, the external locker systems allow you to receive shipments 24/7.

They are superior to those located within commercial buildings and other institutions significantly. They can safely expose themselves to any weather conditions without posing a threat to your shipments. Our outdoor cabinets are designed to withstand rainfall, snowfall, sun and wind. Take advantage of the incredible offer that provides exceptional home delivery convenience.

The carriage terminals are a high-quality automated system suitable for open spaces in front of houses, villas and small cooperatives. Our specialist engineers rely on projections that meet customer needs – compact sizes, intuitive design and colours in harmony with the aesthetics of your home.

Do not miss the opportunity to receive the delivery at any time – directly to the front door. This will significantly facilitate your shopping on the Internet; you can make it a daily routine. You will save a great deal of time and expense and have a beautiful accessory in front of your home. We rely on quality, style and security so that we will offer you the best solution according to your requirements.

The Client Makes An Order

The Items Are Put In The Locker

The Client Authenticates And Pays At The Locker Or Via Our Cyber Hive App

Items Are Collected

  • Advantages Of Outdoor Parcel Locker
  • Features Of Outdoor Parcel Locker Parcel
  • Unique solution for every home – no matter what area, neighbourhood or street you are in.
  • Suitable for all retail goods and services in all markets that face the challenges of package delivery, which also makes life easier for people as online shopping is among the most developed sectors today
  • Short delivery time
  • Save shipping costs
  • High security and security of parcels
  • Receive packages in different sizes – cabinets vary in size to meet the needs of each customer.
  • Easy to operate – a simple way to use, accessible and understandable by any user. Extra convenience in managing deliveries through the mobile app.
  • External parcels – to improve customer experience and save merchants money and time.
  • Reliable locking system
  • An infrared scanner that detects packages and items in every cabinet – an innovative and automated workflow
  • Security – 24/7 active video surveillance system. Guarantee for protection of consignments until they are received
  • Speed ​​- thanks to barcode capture, fast delivery of all packages is ensured—a collection of consignments from different couriers and guaranteed delivery to your locker.
  • Made of strong and durable material – the presence of reinforced steel structure with special paints. Resistance to rust and other adverse effects due to bad weather
  • Extra-ease of supply management – using a mobile application is an innovation in technology development.
  • Flexible servicing – cabinets are of various sizes, accommodating small and oversized packages.
  • Personalisation – we hold aesthetics and individuality, so we offer a choice of colour and design.
  • Our waterproof cabinets are what every home needs. Take this step to make more of your tasks more rational. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and high security while picking up your shipments.


WE offer a unique opportunity to customise our lockers as requested. All sizes possible. Modular – could fit different spaces. Your Specific model includes only hot storage lockers, but:

It is available also with three options for storage:

  • Ambient Storage (room temperature)
  • Chilled Storage (2 – 6 C)
  • Freezer Storage (-24 -18 C)

Features and Parameters

  • Item: Intelligent parcel delivery locker
  • Applied technology: Cloud computing, Internet of Things
  • Function: Parcel identification/recognition, temporary storage, extraction, data monitoring and management
  • Advantages:
    1. Meet the needs of users to pick up at any time.
    2. Improve the express delivery rate of the final 100 meters.
  • Configuration: Touch screen display, ARM or industrial controller, Emergency door opening, Internet connection, CCTV supporting, Voice guide supporting, Metal keyboard
  • Optional features: Barcode scanner, In-box lighting function, RFID reader supporting, Video camera function, a Paper printing function, air condition
  • Tech parameters:
    1. Working voltage: AC220V ± 15%
    2. Working humidity: 10%RH-90%RH
    3. Working temperature: -10℃~+40℃(-20℃~+60℃, can be customised)
    4. Power consumption: Standby: ≤15W Maximum: ≤75W
  • Applications: Shopping mall, school, office building, community.

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