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Life is exceptionally fast-paced today – work, childcare, pets, and household chores. The need for fast food delivery to the home, eating a leg, shopping online, etc., calls for innovations to make life easier where possible. In this regard, we can offer you an automated system – Food Warmer Locker.

The food warmer locker is designed to facilitate the delivery and reception of takeout. When people order takeout, which is inconvenient to collect, this locker can keep the food warm.

Our heated lockers ensure that your hot food stays hot, whether picking up an order or keeping your lunch warm. With quick and secure access, don’t just store food – store food the right way.

Keeping food warm is designed to facilitate delivery and acceptance. Food can be cooked and kept fresh and warm until it is time to take it out. It is a great way to ensure a quality breakfast, lunch or dinner. We guarantee that the temperature that develops inside is consistent with the proper storage of warm food (without compromising on taste).

We guarantee that you will not have a dry and simple hot dish but taste just as cooked. No matter what occasion you decide to use these cabinets, you will have access to it at all times to get a full meal. And this is the most important thing for maintaining good health and a healthy weight. It is now possible to replace junk food habits with something delicious and nutritious.

We guarantee that our heated cabinets are straightforward, comfortable, well-hygienic, and designed to deliver quality meals. Take advantage of this advantage, and you will feel a huge difference from your past meals in the office, outdoors, when in a hurry, etc.

The Client Makes An Order

The Items Are Put In The Locker

The Client Authenticates And Pays At The Locker Or Via Our Cyber Hive App

Items Are Collected

  • Features Of Food Warmer Locker
  • The Benefits Of Food Warmer Locker

Today, the abundance of parcels is vast. Along with ordinary cabinets, which can be of different sizes, numerous specific ones allow maintaining a certain temperature. Some products need freshness, some need deep freezing, and some need warming. They all find their application and create unbeatable convenience for all participants in the sales process.

Food Warmer Locker has many features, and they are:

  • LCD and lighting that allow you to observe the food – transparency when receiving any meal
  • Emergency door opening
  • function Heating function in any door
  • Internet connection
  • System control – automated control system is one of the most valuable features
  • CCTV supporting operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
  • feature disinfection to ensure quality food – hygiene, and a safe environment
  • Reader maintains a certain range of heat. It is – the temperature can be adjusted from 0-60 ℃
  • Putting Food Warmer Locker is an excellent solution for different places (banks, hospitals, universities), but it would benefit office buildings and retail outlets. This option would please many employees looking for a way to eat well into their busy everyday life and limited time. A high standard of service should be a priority for every business and retailer. We can help if you contact us.
  • The Best Solution for Keeping Your Food Warm, Even With Longer Stay In The Serving All Markets Who Meet the Challenges of Hot Foods Delivery
  • Quickly and Conveniently Receive Shipments Anytime while facilitating a person’s life. Feeding is one of the most important things, and it must be tasty and complete.
  • Short delivery time
  • Save on delivery costs
  • High security and protection of delivery – lockers are lockable
  • Ability to store different sized hot food packages
  • Easy to operate – simple a way of use that is accessible and understandable by every user. The added convenience of managing deliveries through the mobile app
  • Food Warmer Locker, keeping food warm, significantly improves consumer experience in the durable goods sector. The level of service retailers provide is increasing, saving money and time.


WE offer a unique opportunity to customise our lockers as requested. All sizes possible. Modular – could fit different spaces. Your Specific model includes only hot storage lockers, but:

It is available also with three options for storage:

  • Ambient Storage (room temperature)
  • Chilled Storage (2 – 6 C)
  • Freezer Storage (-24 -18 C)

Main Function

  • LCD
  • Emergency door opening
  • Internet connection
  • System management
  • CCTV supportive
  • Heating function inside each door
  • Disinfection function supportive
  • Lighting function supportive
  • Barcode reader function supportive
  • RFID reader supportive

Main Technical Parameters

  • Use 1.5mm cold rolled steel
  • Side Locker Standard: 12door, two rows
  • Main Locker Standard: 32-inch infrared touch screen
  • Operating Voltage: AC220V 15%(50Hz)
  • Operating Temperature:-20℃~+60℃
  • Operating Humidity:10%RH~90%RH
  • Power Consumption Parameters:
    • Standby:<15W
    • Maximum <75W
  • Main Locker Rated Power: 150W
  • Side Locker Rated Power: 380W
  • Heating Temperature Range: 0-60℃
  • Temperature Adjustment Accuracy: 1℃

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