Fixed assets accounting

4 to 5 times faster and 80 to 90% more accurate inventory management

  1. Sends data on fixed assets to the portable data terminal.
  2. An employee reads barcodes of fixed assets using a data terminal.
  3. The terminal automatically processes, displays and stores information.
  4. If necessary, the user enters comments (technical condition, notes).
  5. Transfers data back to the computer.
  6. The final result is a report in MS Excel format.
  1. Selection of structural units
  2. Choice of responsible persons
  3. Additional information about the fixed asset
  4. Additional information added by the user (value, expl. start date, etc.)
  5. Ability to enter comments
  6. It is possible to specify that comments must be entered
  7. When the fixed asset is scanned a second time, an information window is displayed with information about the scan
  8. etc.
  1. The number of errors is 80-90% lower
  2. Inventory is 3x-4x faster
  3. More robust control – if the bar code of the fixed asset is not read, it cannot be found.
  4. Easily track and mark fixed assets that have moved within company boundaries.
  5. A detailed report in MS Excel format – easy to sort, filter, archive, print…
  6. Anyone can do the inventory after 5-10 minutes of training.