Flat mail sorting machine – Isi12000®


Flat mail sorting machine and Complete, versatile machine for all your mail applications.

The Isi12000® machine is constituted of modules set and control software developed by the teams of Isitec International. The different modules available in this solution are:

  • Feeder: for mails of the same thickness or mixed mail.
  • Reading station: OCR, BCR.
  • Weighing station: certified or not.
  • Marking module: from 1 to 6 marking heads or applying label heads.
  • Outputs: from 1 to 18 outputs.

The Isi12000® can sort up to 12000/ hour mail of a maximum size of C4 and a maximum thickness of 8mm.

The control software Isiflex®

Manage your operations from your mail room

Thanks to the Isiflex® control software by Isitec, the Isi12000® is a flexible and intuitive machine.

More than just a simple sorting machine, the Isi12000® will enable you to manage your customers. Inter-connectable to your ERP in the two directions (customers data importing and consumption data export), Isiflex® will track all the data needed to bill your customers.

Isiflex® is embedded on the Isi12000®, but it can be run on the manual sorting station Isiread® or the machine Isisort®; it will enable you to manage your mail and your packages.

Isiflex® is software for sorting, traceability, accounting and video encoding. The perfect tool for your mail centre.

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