iX-7 Series Mailing System

Working at the speed of business with a dynamic and user-focused mailing system

The iX-7 Series mailing system is a vital addition to any business. Built to excel in the most demanding mail centres, the iX-7 Series is available with two different processing speeds and a variety of weighing and stacking options.

The design of the system features an easy-to-use colour touchscreen. This system is designed for mid to high-volume mailers, coupled with a mixed mail feed that processes up to 140 lpm (iX-7) or 175 lpm (iX-7PRO). The iX-7 also meets the latest Intelligent Mail® Indicia (IMI) and Dimensional Weighing (DIM) USPS® requirements.

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Why choose the iX-7?


Ensure compliance with an Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI). These new meters meet the latest USPS requirements for data and security management


Easy to use control panel with color screen and shortcut keys makes navigation a breeze


Save 3 cents on First Class postage and access Commercial Base Pricing for USPS shipments using Neoship

Online management

Tools to manage, track, and control mail and shipping operations and associated postage costs

Intelligent Mail Processing

Stay Compliant

Ensure compliance with an Intelligent Mail® Indicia (IMI). These new meters meet the latest USPS requirements for data and security management.

Optimize efficiency

A dynamic scale and power conveyor stacker keep your mail flowing. Achieve maximum throughput by reducing the number of starts and stops.


Save time and increase efficiency by taking advantage of the iX-7’s standard high-speed internet connection. Enjoy fast and easy rate change updates, software downloads and funds resetting.

Promote your brand

Print a logo or marketing message on your envelopes and give them a more professional look with Neoslogan. Select from a library of over 100 images or create your own in minutes. The iX-7 can store up to 10 images with a button.

Never run out of ink

Keeping your mail moving couldn’t be easier with Low Ink Email Alerts. In addition to email alerts, you can also sign up for our auto-ink program.


Processing speed iX-7 Up to 140 lpm
Dynamic weighing speed iX-7 Up to 75 lpm
Colour display Standard
Envelope minimum 3.5” (7,62cm) X 5” (12,7cm)
Envelope maximum 10” (25,4cm) x 13” (33,02cm)
Envelope thickness Up to ⅝.” (1,58cm)
Envelope orientation Landscape or portrait
Connectivity LAN Standard
Job imprint memories 9
Neoslogan Standard
Postage meter tapes Integrated automatic dispenser
4-digit PIN code Standard
Neostats Basic postage expense reporting Standard
USPS-based IMI meter Standard
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Differential weighing Available
External weighing platform 10 (4,54kg), 30 (13,61kg), 70 (31,75kg) lb.
Accounts/departments upgrade 300 or 500
System Dimensions Length x Depth x Height
iX-7 HF with envelope tray 50” (127cm) X 18” (45,72cm) X 13” (33,02cm)
iX-7 with dynamic scale and envelope tray 67” (170,18cm) X 18” (45,72cm) X 13” (33,02cm)
Processing speed iX-7PRO Up to 175 lpm (postcards)
Dynamic weighing speed iX-7PRO Up to 110 lpm (postcards)
Accounts/departments 100 Standard
On-screen DIM calculations Standard
Neostats Consolidated postage expense reporting Available
Neostats Enhanced postage expense reporting Available
Neoship ADVANCED multi-carrier online shipping software Available
IPV6 Available
Neoship PLUS online shipping software (USPS only) Available
E-Services with Electronic Return Receipt Available

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