Driver notification system

  • Save time and effort! Leave the search jobs to the pagers.
  • You can control all processes from the office or the loading area.
  • Less stress for drivers because no one will forget about them.
  • There are no language barriers – sound and light signals are international and understandable to everyone.
  • Avoid chaos by controlling the flow of loading and unloading.
  • Increased security – trucks do not move until notified.


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The patient can quickly and inconspicuously draw the attention of the staff

Works on a large area both indoors and outdoors

No significant investment is required to implement the solution.

A paging system to notify drivers will bring the right car to the right loading ramp at the right time.

Idling trucks in the logistics industry and warehouses not only mean wasted time for warehouse workers and drivers but also increase safety risks when workers manoeuvre between moving trucks.

A simple and effective paging system for communicating with truck drivers in the queue saves time, provides an overview of the situation and improves safety.

A paging system in logistics is designed to identify drivers, giving you an effective tool to communicate with the cars in the queue and allowing you to control the situation.

It’s just that simple!

The moment the driver arrives at the loading and unloading area, he goes to the office and receives a pager. The driver is then informed that he needs to go to the parking space in the yard or outside the loading area in general, as he will be notified when his turn will come.

Once a driver is assigned a pager, they can be quickly and efficiently called to the warehouse when needed. Messaging can be done, for example, from a transmitter in the office or tablets at the ramps.

As the pager beeps, flashes and vibrates, the driver will be informed of the ramp or loading zone they need to be at, and the pager’s screen will show the appropriate location or ramp number.

The system provides comprehensive coverage of the situation on the pager in the dispatcher’s office or on the tablets of ramp workers. You will have access to the trucks in the queue, how long they are waiting when they are called and to which ramp or loading area.
The system allows you to send SMS text messages to mobile phones.

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