DS-200i Folder Inserter

For a wide range of inserts

Process flats, booklets and everything in between

The DS-200i meets the workflow demands of almost every mailing application – from direct mail campaigns to highly sensitive medical billing or financial statements. No matter the job, the DS-200i maximizes productivity in every step, from efficient paper loading to predictive intelligence that estimates when the job will be completed.

The 22″ colour touch screen is designed for simplicity, making it easy for users in any department to assemble their mail. And once a job has been programmed into memory, running it is as simple as loading the trays, selecting the job, and pressing start.

When assembling mail with variable pages, the DS-200i’s state-of-the-art feeding technology, IMOS operating system, and Automated Insertion Management System (AIMS) guarantee the proper documents are inserted into the correct envelope every time. Each feeder calibrates the first document fed and checks each subsequent paper to ensure there are no double feeds.

Automated job changeover and an infinite number of pre-set jobs combine to ensure the versatility and ease of use of the DS-200i.

Watch the DS-200i Product Video.

Why choose the DS-200i?

Easy to use

Color touch screen and wizard-based software

Grow revenue

Maximize opportunities through better communication

Mitigate risk

Ensure information is secure with document traceability

Control expense

Reduce postage, preparation, equipment, and material costs

The New Standard in Mail Production


The 22” colour touch screen and wizard-based guidance simplify operation. Quickly recall stored jobs or create new ones with ease. Load documents and envelopes, press start, and the DS-200i automatically measure the materials and sets itself up.


Speed is achieved by increased internal processing enhancements and well-balanced input and output capacities. Automatically collate, fold, insert, seal, and count up to 5,000 mail pieces per hour.


The Flex Tower Folder can be configured with one to three stations for maximum flexibility. For secure feeding of a wide variety of printed paper, the feeders use mechanical double detection. Each tower can read both paper sides for maximum compatibility with existing applications.


The DS-200i fully integrated direct impression envelope printing solution allows you to personalize envelopes as part of the mail assembly process. This eliminates the need for window envelopes and ensures the privacy of important customer information.


Operational Efficiency
Monthly Assembly Volumes 200,000 Envelopes Per Month
Maximum Assembly Speed Up to 5,000 Sheets/ Hour
C4 Landscape Inserting (Flats) Standard
Control Panel 22” Color Touch Screen
Automatic Job Set-Up Standard
Multiple Sheet Feeding Standard
Cascade Feeding Standard
Load-On-The Fly Feeding Standard
Diverter Bin Standard
Automatic Document Diversion Standard
Intuitive Document Loading Standard
Accumulation Before Folding Standard
Job Memories Unlimited
High-Speed LAN Connection Standard
Manual Feeding Standard
Feeding Capacity 2,000 Sheets
Envelope Feeder Capacity 800 Envelopes
Folding Capacity Up to 8 Sheets
Set Thickness 6mm
Document Weight 70gsm
Fold Types Letter, Z-Fold, Single, Double Parallel, No Fold
Output Options Catch Tray, Output Sorter, Envelope Conveyor
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Mail Quality & Content Control
Automatic Doubles Detection Standard
Automatic Document Measurement Standard
Accumulator Standard
IMOS Operating System Standard
Automated Insertion Management System (AIMS) Standard
Optical Mark Reading (OMR) Hardware Standard, Software Optional
Barcode Reading (BCR) Hardware Standard, Software Optional
2D Data Matrix Reading Hardware Standard, Software Optional
System Specification
DS-200i (3 module config) 107” (271,78 kg) x 25” (63,5 cm) x 36” (91,44 cm)
Weight 743 lbs (337 kg)

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