DWS – Dynamic Dimensioning weighing Scanning

A DWS system is the most accurate solution to acquire all the specific parcel Data. This system measures the dimensions, and weight precisely and automatically scans a package’s barcode. Once this information is collected, they are used to link with the package’s ID and thus can help store the package in his designated location, ship it for delivery, or sort it using a sorting machine.

With the explosion of e-commerce, the package sorting & delivery process is more complex than ever. The volume of handled packages increases every day and the packages can have various sizes, different shapes, distinct weights, and other properties increasing the mistakes in the logistic process. To increase the accuracy and stay competitive on the market, companies must optimize their logistic process and a implement systems like the DWS.

The DWS features

– Dynamic weighing

– Dynamic dimensioning

– Barcode reading

– Connected to the WMS

– Real-time data

The DWS benefits

Less Error

Reduces considerably the risk of errors and increases accuracy with its integrated measurement systems

More efficiency

Increases efficiency by automating the process

Gain time

This solution optimises your logistics process allowing a gain of time

Fast ROI

The DWS is easy to put in place and cost-efficient

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