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CCE 810 Test pen for checking banknotes (5 pcs.)


Detector – Test pen is an excellent and economical solution for quick and convenient determination of the authenticity of banknote paper. Applicable to any currency, including Euro. In line with ECB requirements, CCE test pens leave no permanent marks on genuine banknotes compared to some replicas. Please note that checking the quality of banknote paper does not provide a reliable protection against counterfeit moneys. Check out our range of CCE 10/20/30 series counterfeit detectors for reliable counterfeit detection.

Technical features


1) Mark the banknote with a pen – preferably on the white side, where it is lighter and without printed elements.

2) Wait a moment:

A banknote is genuine – if the applied feature fades and remains a light yellow colour (barely visible and later disappears altogether).

A banknote is counterfeit – if the superimposed feature is very dark and visible.

Technical justification:
Special money paper is used for the production of banknotes. The pens can detect paper quality and compliance using a unique ink mixture.