Card readers

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HID iClass card reader AC-HID-6130

US standard base plate mounting blank Wiegand type coding Manufacturer’s code: 6130CKT000000 Product code:

HID MaxiProx Card Reader AC-HID-5375

HID’s MaxiProx® reader is ideal for parking control. MaxiProx includes all the necessary electronics,

HID MiniProx 5365 Access Card Reader AC-HID-5365

This card reader is designed for indoor and outdoor use thanks to its excellent

HID MultiCLASS card reader AC-HID-910

Sizes: Width: 48 mm Height: 156 mm Depth: 23 mm Reading distance: 100 mm

HID OmniKey CK Gen2 Contactless Card Reader AC-HID-5427

HID OmniKey 5427 CK Gen2 contactless card reader. This model replaces the previous R51270002-1.

HiD ProxPoint Plus card reader AC-HID-6005B

The HID ProxPoint Plus reader combines several configurations with an attractive and discreet design

HID ProxPoint Plus card reader AC-HID-6005BGL

9 cm output cable. Product weight: 120g Sizes: Width: 44 mm Height: 17 mm

HID ProxPro II Weigand Access Card Reader AC-HID-5455

Coding: Wiegand or Date/time 45cm output cable Sizes: Width: 125 mm Height: 125 mm

HID ProxPro card reader AC-HID-5355

Manufacturer’s code: 5355AGN00 Product code: AC-HID-5355 Product weight: 120g Sizes: Width: 127 mm Height:

HID ProxPro Card Reader with Keypad AC-HID-5355K

The weatherproof and architecturally attractive design of the ProxPro access card reader allows you

HID R10 iCLASS card reader AC-HID-6100

iClass readers offer an open architecture design that allows compatibility with many popular plastic

HID R10 iCLASS card reader AC-HID-6100P

Read-only contactless card reader. Includes Wiegand coding, black base and 45cm output cable. Manufacturer

HID R30 iCLASS SE card reader AC-HID-6110

iClass readers offer an open architecture design that allows compatibility with many popular plastic

HID RP40 MultiCLASS contactless and Prox card reader AC-HID-920

Sizes: Width: 84 mm Height: 122 mm Depth: 24 mm Product weight: 120g Manufacturer’s

Chromed Paxton card reader AC-PAX-390-727

Specifications – Proximity metal reader – chrome min typ max units Width 76 mm


Voltage DC 5-15v Current <=  50 mA Frequency 13.56 MHz              ±  5kHz Card reading

Kantech ioProx Mullion XSF Format AC-KAN-P225XSF

Waterproof Reading distance: up to 73 cm It can be used with Wiegand access

Magnetic card reader M-MR-MSR1

MSR100 USB Magnetic Card Reader. To use, connect this device to your computer via

Magnetic card reader M-MR-MSR9

Manual reading card writer/encoder. The MSR900 reads and writes to all three tracks of

Paxton Cardlock card reader AC-PAX-266-898

Specifications – CARDLOCK reader – Black plastic min typ max units Clock & data

Paxton K50 Touchlock Keyboard AC-PAX-351-110

Specifications – TOUCHLOCK keypad – K50 min typ max units Moisture resistance IPX7 Cable

Paxton Card Reader AC-PAX-353-467

Product weight: 400g Compatible with Switch2 and Net2 systems Reads: Mifare, EM4100 and Net2

Paxton KP75 Keypad and Access Card Reader AC-PAX-375-120

Specifications – Proximity keypad – KP75, Screw connector min typ max units Read range:

Paxton Metal Access Card Reader AC-PAX-390-747

Specifications – Proximity metal reader – Satin chrome min typ max units Width 76

Paxton Net2 Input Monitor Desk Stand AC-PAX-337-847

Specifications – Net2 Entry – Monitor desk-mount stand min typ max units Dimensions Height

Paxton Net2 access panel AC-PAX-337-837

min typ max units Electrical Power over Ethernet (PoE) rating (Watts) 12.95 IEEE 802.3af

Paxton Net2 Input Add-On Switch AC-PAX-337-773

Specifications – Net2 Entry – Extension switch min typ max units Electrical PSU output

Paxton Net2 Paxlock 72mm Euro Lock AC-PAX-901-172

Batteries: 4xAA Alkaline 1.5V Mounting kit: Paxton lock Sizes: Width: 100 mm Height: 160

Paxton Net2 Paxlock MIFARE® 72mm Card Reader AC-PAX-901-272

Product weight: 100g Width: 160 mm Height: 324 mm Depth: 100 mm

Paxton Net2 Access Card Reader AC-PAX-541-326

The desktop reader is designed for use with your PC. It is intended to