GRENKE Leasing

The goal of GRENKE is to support small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Europe. GRENKE provides financial leasing services developed according to all industries’ specific requirements and possibilities. One of the most popular leasing products is the purchase of IT equipment, which is already used by many of our customers.

Basic rules of leasing::

  • Starting from 500eur;
  • Within 1-5 years;
  • With or without a down payment;
  • Desired equipment including accessories, programs and also service works;
  • The remaining interest will be redeemed at the end of the lease term.

Criteria for leasing:

  • The company has submitted the last three annual reports;
  • The company has no active tax debts above EUR 150;
  • The company has not declared insolvency, liquidation or legal protection;
  • Not bad historical or current credit history.

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Arturs Evarts

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