Guest Call ordering system

The situation described below is familiar to many:

There are many visitors to a restaurant, cafe or eatery. Some are waiting to place their order while others are waiting for their food. Others ask about where they can get the food when it is ready. Someone approaches the employees with a request to make changes to the order. The guest information system allows you to communicate effectively, unobtrusive and conveniently with customers.

Inconspicuous communication and higher efficiency

Paging solutions help speed up customer service and ensure higher service quality!

How the system works

First, customers order and pay for the selected food, receiving a restaurant pager in the form of a small tray, which can be quickly and conveniently placed on the table. The customer takes this tray to his table. When the food is ready, you signal the pager, which starts beeping and flashing. This way, customers are notified that their order is ready for pickup. While waiting for the food, customers pay attention to the pager, which means placing an advertisement or information about offers is possible.

A system for all industries

Wherever people are standing in lines or waiting for something, it will be possible to use this silent ordering system. This solution will also be perfectly useful in hospitals or doctor’s practices. These retail stores personally deliver goods to customers or places that require individual service, saving time and improving the quality of service. This system will also be of great use in warehouses with extensive lines of trucks, protecting both the time of employees and the company’s resources.


This system is simple and easy to install. The customer information system is supplied with a comprehensive user manual. The system is intended for use in cafes, restaurants, bars, street eateries, fast food chains and hotels. Also, this system can be effectively used in restaurants, hotels, conference halls, hospitals, private practices of doctors and dentists, retail outlets, logistics centres and manufacturing companies.


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