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customer flow

Bloom works as a true brain for your service management, gathering data from all customer and staff interactions so you can easily measure the service performance.

Real-time service monitoring

Inside Bloom’s backoffice you will find a complete set of data to proactively deal with affluence variations. Check the need to open or close service branches, have an overview of the service status, the active staff users and devices.


  • Tickets status
  • Generated tickets
  • User and devices status

Forecasting service demand

Interactive charts display historical statistics and its variation over time, increasing the predictability of the number of visitors for an optimized resources management and consequently a better service quality.


  • Service time variation
  • Waiting time variation
  • Ticket transfers flow

Performance assessment

With Bloom, you can compare the performance between services, counters or users, and its variation across the time. The data you need to run a high-performance service network.


  • Service and users performance
  • Automatic reports by email
  • Export data for further analysis

Customer feedback analysis

The system gets and processes all information filled in by customers or staff members during or after the service, displaying satisfaction ratings, specific service feedback, demographic data or anything you want through customized surveys. A feature shaped for a customer-centric organisation.

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Ģirts Belozerovs

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